Rice Polisher

Mini Silky Rice Polisher

Mini Silky Rice Polisher gives superior whiteness and shining to rice and is well suited for Raw and single boiled Rices.

Some of the features are:

  • Bring in excellent sale value to rice.
  • Suitable for Raw, steam and Single boiled rice.
  • The machine is fitted with a special water jet device and a dozing pump to ensure controlled flow of water to the polishing chamber.
  • Cost effective and easy maintenance.
  • Have longer life due to the presence of alloy rollers.
  • Having a capacity of 1.5 TPH on silky option.
  • Power required: 25 HP x 960.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SPM2

Silky Rice Polisher Blower Type

We manufacture and deliver complete range of highly efficient and cost effective Silky Rice Polishers. These can be easily operated and closely meet the varied customized requirements of our clients.

Some of the features of these polishers are:

  • Suitable for steam, raw & single boiled rice.
  • Gives excellent glossy finish to rice.
  • Special water jet spray combined with blower air.
  • All rollers are made out of alloy steel for long life and superior polishing of rice.
  • Presence of dozing pumps ensure accurate control of water flow to the polishing chamber.
  • Imported vacuum meters are attached to the machine to measure blower aspiration.
  • Having capacity between 2-3 TPH on rice.
  • Power required : 40 HPx1440

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SPB3

Silky Polisher Compressor Type

This machine is specially designed to remove the bran layer without damaging the Rice. The whitening effect is carried out by vertically maintained abrasive rollers in the adjustable screen chamber. The machine is provided with powerful blowers to create a negative pressure. The polishing is controlled by adjustable screen holding mechanism and very easy to operate.

Some of its features are :-

  • Gives excellent whiteness to rice
  • Capacity - 3 TPH on rice
  • Green silicon grinding wheels
  • Power required : 40x1440

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SPC3

Silky Polisher Max (BT)

Silky Rice Polishers of 5 TPH had the following features :-

  • Has a separate screw mixing arrangment for uniform mixing of water
  • Gives excellent glossy finish to rice.
  • Appropriate for Raw, Steam and boiled rice.
  • These are imported machinery.
  • Gives high commercial value to rice.
  • High yielding capacity of head rice.
  • Production capacity from 4 to 5 TPH on rice.
  • Power required: 60HP.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SPB5

Silky Polisher Max (CT)

  • Suitable for Raw, Steam, Single boiled and Basmati Rice
  • Separate SS Mixing chamber for uniform mixing of water with rice
  • Specially designed alloy rollers for high degree of polishing and long life
  • Dozing pump for precise control of water intake.
  • Negligible broken percentage while polishing
  • Pneumatic slide gate with panel board for automatic pump control
  • Power Required: 60 HP and 5HP

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SPC5

Glaze Master Cum Silky Polisher

2 in 1, Glaze Master cum Silky Polisher can be used to polish the rice with or with out water, based on the need of the market conditions.

Some of their operating and technical features are:

  • Enables excellent finish to rice.
  • These are suitable for Raw, steam and parboiled rice.
  • Very minimum percentage of broken during polishing.
  • Alloy rollers ensure longer working life.
  • These can be availed in both silky and glaze options.
  • Having capacity of 1 TPH to 2.5 TPH on rice.
  • Power required: 25HPx960.
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