Bucket Elevators

PERFECT'S elevators are suitable for all kind of grains. They are designed to provide years of trouble free performance. Elevators can be supplied in buckets sizes of 5" to 12" to handle grains in the range of 2 TPH to 25 TPH. It is available from 16' to 60' height to suit various needs of customers. Following are its salient features.

* Heavy in construction
* Lazer cutting method
* Powder coated finish
* Food grade belts
* Shovel type buckets
* No back falling of grains
* Ribbed pulleys
* Aspiration mouth
* Wear plate at inlet & outlet
* Driven by gear box

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SEN

Pneumatic Slide Gates

Pneumatic slide gates are used for open / close of grain passage to machines. They are operated by Pneumatic cylinder controlled by Solenoid valve. When power goes off, the slide gate closes (normally open).

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  • Item Code: PSG

Manual Slide Gate

Manual Slide gates are used to regulate grain flow as well as for On/Off application. When feeding area is located at elevated location, the slide gate can be operated by using chain.

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  • Item Code: MSG

Bran Blower

Bran Blowers are used to suck the bran generated from polishing machines like Whitener, Silky Polisher etc.., Perfect's, ID Fan type blowers are highly efficient to create extreme vacuum at the minimum noice level. When used in airlock system, the blower are capable of giving trouble free performance for years with out any maintenance. Air flow rate can be easily adjusted by means of a dampner.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: IFB


Perfect's MS cyclones are heavy in construction for long life with out any wear. The joints provided with soft packing to arrest air leak. Inspection door is provided at the bottom for periodical cleaning of bran.

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  • Item Code: CYM

Rotary Airlock Assembly

Perfect's Rotary Airlocks are used under the Cyclone in bran separation system. Rotor to body bore is precisely machined to prevent air from entring from the bottom, there by bran is collected 100% with out any wastage. Chain coupling is used for self alignment and long life. Available in 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm Size.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ALA
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